Tips to make engraveable HPGL files with Corel Draw

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HPGL is the abbreviation for the "Hewlett Packard Graphics Language" file format. The file extension is PLT. This format was invented for printing of designs on pen plotters. Front Panel Designer can import HPGL files, which were designed in other programs. You can use the capability of plot routines for designing of graphics and logos on your front panels.

Since graphics are engraved on the plates and not printed, a few characteristics in the generating of HPGL files need to be considered to obtain optimal results. The function “simulated filling” in some programs creates poor engraving results. High quality engravings can be produced with the outline function. The following guidance describes the production of HPGL files with Corel Draw. This procedure can be adapted to other programs. Download free Tips to make engraveable HPGL files with Corel Draw.pdf here

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