Virginia Tech Leads in Kitchen Design Education

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Virginia Tech Leads in Kitchen Design Education - As the first of the Baby Boomers gets set to retire, kitchen designers have found requests for products and designs suited for this age group are increasing. In the current economic climate, more homeowners are seeking to age-in-place, and it will depend on a new generation of kitchen designers to keep them healthy at home. The professors of the Center for Real Life Kitchen Design at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University unveiled late last year the stunning renovation to their workspace; a combination of kitchens and class space designed to give the kitchen and home designers of the future a hands-on look at the process.

The Center, in its current incarnation as the locus of Virginia Tech’s residential kitchen design program, formally opened in 1998. Kathleen Parrott, Ph.D., CK E, a professor of housing and 20-year Virginia Tech veteran, is the coordinator of the undergraduate program here at the University, which is accredited by the National Kitchen & Bath Association. “This is a follow-up to our first renovation in the mid 1990s,” she says. “Our program in kitchen and bath design was growing and we began to ask ourselves, ‘Can we make the space function more broadly for our program?’ At the time, ours was an overtaxed, multifunctional space. While we were able to switch out product rather easily, the layout itself, the cabinetry and other key elements had been in place since the 1960s.” Download free Virginia Tech Leads in Kitchen Design Education.pdf here

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