An Innovative Approach To The Aesthetic Design

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As the aesthetic aspect of a product is becoming more and more important in customers' decisions, there is an increasing need of tools able to express and preserve the styling intent during the product development cycle, while offering an interaction with the user much more adherent to his mentality. The European Project FIORES-II (Character Preservation and Modelling in Aesthetic and Engineering Design) is aimed at creating innovative CAD tools capable to capture and preserve the product aesthetic character and make it accessible in a multi criteria approach for styling and engineering design optimisation. In order to explore the possible relationships between emotional character and product shape, an extensive analysis has been carried out, thanks to the collaboration of industrial designers in the automotive field, such as BMW, Pininfarina, Saab, and in household supplies field, such as Alessi and Eiger. In this paper, the main outcome and the innovative design functionality defined on the basis of the results of the above mentioned research will be presented.

Styling is a creative activity where the designer’s goal is to define a product that evokes a certain emotion while satisfying the imposed constraints. Therefore, a better understanding of human reactions can allow an easier satisfaction of market wishes and tastes. On the other hand, the complete design of new products requires multidisciplinary expertise and consequently it results from the collaboration of several actors. It is then clear that the formalization of the design intent underlying the product specification may improve the communication quality among the involved actors, who can belong to different departments in the same company, e.g. styling and engineering, or to external suppliers. In addition the formalization of the relationships between shape and aesthetic character included in a computer system may help designers to achieve their goal more directly. In fact, even if the introduction of digital tools in the styling workflow in the last twenty years has significantly shortened the development time and costs, some critical issues have still to be faced and overcome to move towards an ideal optimised digital design process, in which the design intent is automatically communicated and preserved throughout all the process phases. Download free An Innovative Approach To The Aesthetic Design.pdf here

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