Manipulating your Digital Photos with Photoshop

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Whether you have digital photographs or photographs that you have scanned electronically, you may find that there are times that you would like to manipulate them. This manipulation may include cropping the photo, getting rid of red eye, erasing dust spots or repairing scratches. This seminar will walk you through the process of correcting “not so perfect” photographs as well as working with images to create panoramas, digital contact sheets and customized picture packages as well as save files in the appropriate file format.

Before you begin: It is best practice to save a working copy of your photograph in Photoshop (.psd) format before you begin working on it. Typically digital cameras save your images in a .jpg format. Because JPG files are designed to be compressed (relatively small files), you will notice that if you leave the file as a JPG, you will begin to lose image quality during the editing and resaving process. JPGs are referred to as a lossy file type “with losses” to image quality. They are small files without the requirement for full recoverability. Download free Manipulating your Digital Photos with Photoshop.pdf here

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