Solutions for Importing from Corel DRAW

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This tutorial guide was specifically created to help explain the methods and techniques of importing shapes & designs from Corel DRAW® into Gunnar SPT32, in a “step by step” format. Corel DRAW 12, and Gunnar SPT32 V6.1 were used as reference for this document was written. And then subsequently updated with changes in Corel DRAW 13 (X3).

This guide has been written in a style that assumes that the reader already has a basic knowledge and understanding of the Gunnar SPT32 software, and an existing level of confidence and experience with PC’s. Patience & practice are the keys to achieving success, so don’t be disappointed if you cannot achieve what you want in the first circumstance. Try to attempt simple tasks first, before diving into any advanced, elaborate designs. Download free Solutions for Importing from Corel DRAW.pdf here

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