Autodesk Lustre Color Management User Guide

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The package consists of a collection of generic 3D lookup tables (LUTs) suitable for both display and conversion purposes, and a monitor calibration utility. The LUTs allow you to simulate the color and contrast rendition of a specific film stock relative to a display device. Display LUTs let you view an effect without rendering, whereas conversion LUTs create a new clip for use in a subsequent step of the production chain. The generic nature of the LUTs implies that results may not match a specific lab process. However, they do deliver accurate print film rendition. The Lustre Color monitor calibration utility lets you calibrate computer CRT and LCD monitors either locally or remotely. The remote feature makes it possible to calibrate monitors for Linux® workstations without having to use a USB extender. Calibration refers to the process by which you match a display to a certain standard and ensure that the display is operating within its optimal range.

This guide provides descriptions of the available display and conversion LUTs, as well as instructions on calibrating your monitor, using either the Lustre Color monitor calibration utility (for Sony™ monitors), or the EIZO® ColorNavigator™ calibration utility (for EIZO monitors). For detailed instructions on how to access and apply LUTs in your application, refer to the user guide for your application. For the latest version of the application user guides and of this guide, consult the Autodesk Web site at, and for Toxik, For detailed information on the EIZO ColorNavigator application, see the ColorNavigator user’s manual available on the utility disc of your EIZO monitor or on the EIZO Web site at Download free Autodesk Lustre Color Management User Guide.pdf here

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