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Download free Basic Concepts of Chemistry pdf. If you are new to chemistry, it may seem a little frightening. I see students every day who’ve psyched themselves out by saying so often that they can’t do chemistry.

Anyone can figure out chemistry. Anyone can do chemistry. If you cook, clean, or simply exist, you’re part of the chemical world.

I work with a lot of elementary school children, and they love science. I show them chemical reactions (vinegar plus baking soda, for example), and they go wild. And that’s what I hope happens to you

The chapters of Part I give you a background in chemistry basics. I tell you about matter and the states it can exist in. I talk a little about energy, including the different types and how it’s measured. I discuss the microscopic world of the atom and its basic parts. I explain the periodic table, the most useful tool for a chemist. And I cover radioactivity, nuclear reactors, and bombs.


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