Progressing with Digital Photography

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Some of you will already have a background in traditional film photography, and naturally will want to make comparisons, particularly in image quality. Others will be coming fresh to photography, un-influenced by experience with negatives and slides. In either case, it’s important to remember that the technology of digital cameras is new. It is also evolving.

At a mechanical and operational level, there is a lot to learn, but once you have become familiar with the principles of digital imaging, the techniques and procedures will quickly fall into place. One of the things I want to stress in this course is that if you understand the basics - which include pixels, how a sensor captures an image, and how digital colour works - then the jargon used by camera manufacturers and software suppliers will become recognisable, and the apparent brand differences will disappear. Above all, you need to become completely familiar with the capabilities and limitations of your digital camera, and appreciate what it is capable of. This will give you the confidence to get the most out of digital photography. Download free Progressing with Digital Photography.pdf here

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