Interior Design for the kitchen

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Interior Design for the kitchen - The world is growing closer together, borders are being transcended and cultures are blending. This phenomenon is most pleasantly manifested in the kitchen. Tuscan olive oil is placed next to Thai lemongrass; the espresso machine stands next to the wok; and Central European, Mediterranean and Asian influences form exciting fusions. But not just in terms of culinary themes is the kitchen the place in which to celebrate your personal tastes to your heart’s content. Also in terms of planning and design, creativity has the upper hand here. That is why SieMatic today creates innovative solutions with options which far surpass those of classic kitchen planning – in terms of floor plan, ergonomics, colours or materials which were never before used in this way in kitchens. A development which advances the international trends in architecture and interior design.We call it interior design for the kitchen.

Is it the torrent of images and information flooding us from the media? Is it the diversity of offers, fashions and trends? Is it the speed at which things change? While the range of possibilities is widening, it is becoming obvious that often less can be more. It is in this spirit that new forms of living and furnishing are developed too that are more than ever characterised by a standard of individuality. They are marked by a decisive return to the essential, the resolute doing away with the superfluous, and the liberation from many conventional concepts – not least that of the kitchen as a delimited “functional space”. Download free Interior Design for the kitchen.pdf here

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