Creating manga-style artwork in Corel Painter X

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The inspiration for Bronco Boar comes from my interest in fantastical beasts, Mesoamerican design motifs, and my background in Japanese manga-style imagery. In the image, I wanted to evoke a feeling of an American Southwest desert with a fantasy twist. I came up with the idea of an action scene portraying a cowgirl breaking in an aggressive oversized boar. In this tutorial, you will learn about • character design • creating a rough sketch of the composition • finalizing line art • the coloring process • adding texture, details, and final colors

Character Design This picture focuses on two characters: the cowgirl and the boar. I like to design the characters before I work on the actual image, so I can concentrate on their appearance before I consider pose and composition. The cowgirl's costume was inspired by western clothing: cowboy hat, chaps, gloves, and boots. I added my own twist to create a nontraditional design. I enlisted the help of fellow artist and partner, Lindsay Cibos, to create a couple of conceptual character designs based on my criteria. Download free Creating manga-style artwork in Corel Painter X.pdf here

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