Shriver & Atkins Inorganic Chemistry

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Shriver and Atkins Inorganic Chemistry is the essential text to inspire students in their study of this far-reaching subject. The author team draw upon their excellence in teaching and research to provide students with a text that helps them to truly grasp the fundamentals of inorganic chemistry.

The book is carefully tailored to students’ needs, offering careful explanations and a less formal writing style, and assuming a lower level of mathematical and chemical knowledge. Extensive coverage of the chemistry of the elements provides a framework on which students can build their understanding of the subject, while 'Frontiers' chapters open up to the student topics at the forefront of contemporary research. Examples throughout the book show the relevance of inorganic chemistry to real-life situations, encouraging students to engage fully with the subject. Download free Shriver & Atkins Inorganic Chemistry.pdf here

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