Multiple Myeloma Patient Handbook

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This resource has been designed for: 1. A person who has been newly diagnosed with myeloma and is wondering what it means and what the future will bring. 2. Those who have been living with myeloma for some time, but would like to refresh their understanding of the disease or fill in any missing pieces. 3. A person who is a family member, friend or loved one of someone with myeloma, and who wants to gain a better understanding of the disease and treatment options. The goal of this resource is simple: to educate myeloma patients and their loved ones so they can become a more active partner in their care.

If you have been searching for information on myeloma, you know how complicated this can be. This resource is an attempt to give you accurate, reliable and clear information on myeloma, its causes and effects, and how it is diagnosed, staged and treated in Canada. There is a lot of information in this handbook and the more times you refer to it, the easier it will for you to understand it. And don’t be afraid to ask the members of your healthcare team to explain any term you don’t understand. Over time, you will better understand your disease, your treatment options and what you can do to optimize your quality of life. Download free Multiple Myeloma Patient Handbook.pdf here

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