Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL

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Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL offers web developers a mixture of theoretical and practical information on creating web database applications. Using PHP and MySQL, two open source technologies that are often combined to develop web applications, the book offers detailed information on designing relational databases and on web application architecture, both of which will be useful to readers who have never dealt with these issues before. The book also introduces Hugh and Dave's Online Wine Store, a complete (but fictional) online retail site implemented using PHP and MySQL.

Web database applications integrate databases and the Web. Well-known web destinations such as online auction sites, retail stores, news sites, discussion forums, and personalized home pages are all examples of web database applications. The popularity of these applications stems from their accessibility and usability: thousands of users can access the same data at the same time without the need to install additional software on their machines.

This book is for developers who want to build database applications that are integrated with the Web. It presents the principles and techniques of developing small- to medium-scale web database applications that store, manage, and retrieve data, as well as the basic techniques for securing an application. The architecture we describe is a successful framework for applications that can run on modest hardware and process more than a million hits per day from users. Download free Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL.pdf here

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