How to do Well in Organic Chemistry

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Oh Young Chemista, if you are now reading this, you have passed your general chemistry courses and have entered the wonderful world of Organic Chemistry! Just as a squire earns his knighthood, once you succeed you will have earned the right to call yourself a true organic chemist. As you embark on your journey, you will be confronted with two paths: one of success, the other to certain failure. With these guidelines, you will know the way and the way will know you.

What is Organic Chemistry? Organic Chemistry is the chemistry of the compounds of carbon. These compounds are essential to life on this planet. They comprise our DNA, and all the other essential compounds that constitute our blood, muscle, and skin. Young Chemista, without the grandeur that is organic chemistry, we would not be here revel in its pleasures.

With these guidelines I cast upon thee… With your valor as your armor, your mind as your sword, and these guidelines as your spell book you shall be able to conquer any ticklish questions your adversaries may cast your way. From lecture to lab, from studying to the glorious day that you duel the test, the information contained in these scrolls teaches you the way. Download free How to do Well in Organic Chemistry here

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