How to Learn Organic Chemical Reactions

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There are many books that have been written to make organic chemistry easy. I've looked at many of them. This is what I think they have in common. They are the "Reader's Digest" version of your textbook. They are like a math book that skips topics that are too hard or too lengthy to explain.

"A Guide to Organic Chemistry Mechanisms" is the opposite. It skips all of the simple parts of organic chemistry. They are already well covered by all of the textbooks and additional guides. Most students do not need my help to learn them.

I know there are students that struggle with stereochemistry, nomenclature, conformations, etc., but comparatively, reaction mechanisms are a still greater challenge. "A Guide to Organic Chemistry Mechanisms" makes learning reaction mechanisms a task that can be reasonably accomplished. I don't think "Organic Chemistry for Dummies" or any other guide books succeed as well. Download free How to Learn Organic Chemical Reactions.pdf here

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