Creating Symbols Using CorelDraw

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You can create your own symbols using a vector graphic program such as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. The files need to be saved as windows metafiles,(.wmf) or enhanced metafiles (.emf) Writing with Symbols handles vector drawings as follows: • All elements of a drawing that are black will be handled by Writing with Symbols as the symbol colour. So that if the symbol colour is changed in the program, anything made in black will change. • Any part of a symbol which is created in white will be treated as background colour, and will not be displayed. • Any line which is created at the minimum pen thickness will be given the symbol thickness set by Writing with Symbols. Lines which are created thicker in the drawing package will not be automatically adjusted. • The aspect ratio of the symbol is preserved in Writing with Symbols, and the symbol display size is determined by the actual symbol height. If you want to have an item which does not fill the fill space, then it needs to be placed on a background – as, for example, the symbol for and. The background can be made with a white rectangle as a background, or it can be made with no-colour (see later)

Setting up the system in Corel Draw Graphic colour Set the graphic colours as absolute and not calibrated for display. If you do not do this then the black will not be black, and several other colours will also be different when you use them. (This does not apply to very early versions of Corel) To set the colour: From the Tools menu in Corel, select Options Click on the little plus sign by Global, and then click on the words Colour Management. Make sure that the box Calibrate colours for display is NOT checked. Download free Creating Symbols Using CorelDraw.pdf here

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