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Download free Tweaking the Windows 7 Registry.pdf When you change the desktop background using Control Panel’s Personalization window, the next time you start your computer, how does Windows 7 know which image or color you selected? If you change your video display driver, how does Windows 7 know to use that driver at startup and not the original driver loaded during setup? In other words, how does Windows 7 remember the various settings and options either that you’ve selected yourself or that are appropriate for your system?

The secret to Windows 7’s prodigious memory is the Registry. The Registry is a central repository Windows 7 uses to store anything and everything that applies to the configuration of your system. This includes all the following:
  • Information about all the hardware installed on your computer
  • The resources those devices use
  • A list of the device drivers that Windows 7 loads at startup
  • Settings that Windows 7 uses internally
  • File type data that associates a particular type of file with a specific application
  • Backgrounds, color schemes, and other interface customization settings
  • Other customization settings for things such as the Start menu and the taskbar
  • Internet and network connections and passwords
  • Settings for Windows 7 applications such as Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer
  • Settings and customization options for many third-party applications
here Tweaking the Windows 7 Registry

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