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Download free Teach yourself guitar using Flash.pdf As a resource, the Internet is able to provide information on a huge array of subjects. The environment the medium provides allows those who wish to educate themselves on any particular subject the ability to learn at their own pace. Tutorials are and excellent way for someone to learn a subject they have never before had experience with, as they involve the user in the learning process. This is why I chose the Internet as a delivery medium for an interactive guitar tutorial site. The traditional way to learn guitar would be to buy or rent a guitar and then attend lessons with a tutor. In some cases, such as remote areas this is not possible. This creates a need for an alternative means of learning. Although there are books and videos available for learning guitar, they face certain disadvantages.

First of all, both are limited by their length. Content cannot be added after the product has been purchased. Also the nature of video makes self-paced learning a difficult endeavor. One must start and stop the tape at different times, sometimes during each session, to practice what has just been taught. Videos also make learning guitar in a non-linear fashion near impossible. Books are also inadequate, as they do not provide multimedia instruction on how to play the guitar. Although pictures are available, they often do not convey all of the information a video is able to. The Internet provides an environment where the user is in total control over the way lessons are delivered and ordered. Multimedia content can be downloaded and viewed in any sequence making learning the guitar a much simpler task. My online guitar tutorial will use Flash to provide the user with a multimedia learning environment. Flash allows users with computers and a connection to the Internet the ability to download content which is rich in multimedia quickly and easily. I hope to provide a beginner guitar player with all of the tools and tutorials necessary to learn how to play guitar in a short amount of time.


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