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Download free Configuring Windows 7 for Publicly Accessible Network Ports.pdf The 802.1x protocol is the protocol that is used for wired access to the University’s network (PittNet) through publically accessible network ports. These connections may be located in classrooms, conference rooms, and other public areas. Since authentication with University Computing Account credentials is required, only members of the University Community have access to PittNet through these network ports.

This document provides 802.1x network connection instructions for Windows 7 computers using a wired University connection. These instructions are divided into two sections. The first section explains how to enable the Wired AutoConfig Service. The second section describes how to set up the native 802.1x client in Windows 7.

Before you begin the steps below, make sure you have installed the updated VeriSign intermediate certificate on your computer. This update is necessary to ensure that your computer can verify the authenticity of a VeriSign certificate. Refer to the help sheet titled Installing the Updated VeriSign Intermediate Certificate for step-by-step instructions on installing this certificate.

here Configuring Windows 7 for Publicly Accessible Network Ports

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