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Download free Microsoft Excel Advanced Workshop pdf. Microsoft Excel contains a powerful macro language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Macros allow you to automate your work by turning a series of actions into a single command.

Macros can be created by writing VBA code or by use of the macro recorder. This document will only discuss the macro recorder. Recording a macro involves starting the macro recorder, performing the steps involved in the macro, then turning off the macro recorder.

The simplest, and most effective, way to plan a macro is to write down every single step in the process on a piece of paper. Take note of every time you click a toolbar button, select a command from the menus or type information into a cell.

Excel will assign a non-descriptive default name to a macro if you do not enter your own name. Use a descriptive name so you can easily identify the purpose of the macro.

Table content Microsoft Excel Advanced Workshop
  • Macros
    Planning The Macro ~ Naming The Macro ~ Assigning a Shortcut Key ~ Recording the Macro ~ Running a Macro ~ Deleting a Macro ~ Adding Macro to Toolbar ~ Where Macros are Stored ~ Macro Viruses
  • Protection
    Setting a Password to Open a File ~ To Hide Worksheets ~ To Protect Cells in a Worksheet
  • Advanced Filter
    Filter in Place ~ Filter to Another Location
  • If Function
    Nested IF Functions

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