Herbal Cancer Treatment

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In history, Chinese have made 5 major inventions to the world civilization. 1) Chinese herbal medicine for effective treatment of variety of chronic diseases and tumors, 2) Gun powders for the development of rockets and space science, 3) Navigator for sailing on ships and airplanes, 4) Manufacture of papers, and 5) Printing technology. Herbal cancer therapy comprises a number of alternative treatments in the fight against cancer. As early as more than 3,000 years ago, Chinese doctors had used herbs in treatment of cancer patients. Chinese medicine has been used widely in Japan, Korea, India, and South East Asia countries since long time ago.

According to the reliability of therapeutic effects, Chinese medicinal herbs divide into 3 main categories. The first is the Classical Medicinal Herbs, including approximate 265 kinds of medicinal herbs and plants and a few of medicinal minerals that have been identified by scientific works and proven by clinic studies. The second is the folk herbs (folk experienced recipe herbs) that have approximately 600 sorts of herbs. The third is the hi-tech made herbal medicines, the concentrated herbal extract, which is 5 to 10-fold more effective than their raw materials.

From the modality of administration of herbal medication, anti-cancer herbal medicines are herein classified into 3 groups, including take by mouth, topical use and injectable preparations (not available at our HCC and HMC). Since 1990, a research group of hi-tech herbal medicine directed by Dr. David Liu has conducted many studies on herbal treatments in chronic diseases and tumors. We have screened all of 66 sorts of anti-cancer medicinal herbs using our unique techniques, including identify and analysis of ester-soluble active ingredients, ethanol-soluble active ingredients and hydrate-soluble active ingredients in each potential anti-cancer medicinal herb or plant. Download free Herbal Cancer Treatment.pdf here

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