Resume and Job Application Tips

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At some point most of us participate in the job application process. For many people this is daunting and intimidating. In reality, it doesn’t have to be this way if you follow some simple principles and tips. The starting point for this process is knowing what God created you to do. Some people have no sense of God’s purpose for their lives. For others, there may be a sense of God’s purpose for their lives, but often there is not much clarity. A very few do have clarity about their divinely ordained life purposes. Whatever the case, you need clarity. If you don’t have clarity, you need to press into the process of discovering what God created you to do. Clarity about your life purpose is essential in recognizing the right job for you. Clarity is also a predicate for you to prepare, apply, and interview well for your right job. If you need help gaining that clarity, consider attending the next Strategic Life Alignment Seminar1—a venue that will give you tools to help you discover your life purpose.

After you have clarity about your life purpose, you will be ready to pursue finding the job that will enable you to fulfill your destiny. You will be ready to engage in the job application process because you have a level of understanding concerning your divinely ordained life purpose. Only by fulfilling your life purpose will you find peace, joy, and contentment in life. To engage in the job application process, you need a résumé. A résumé is a summary of your background that communicates your clarity of and preparation to fulfill your life calling. It is a tool to gain the opportunity to interview for a job opening. When applying for a job, one of the first requests that an employer makes of an applicant is for a copy of the applicant’s résumé. Though requesting a résumé is very predictable, rarely have I seen someone receive a job offer based solely on his or her résumé. Hence a résumé is a necessary but not sufficient document to help you achieve your goal of finding the right job. Download free Resume and Job Application Tips.pdf here

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