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Download free Body Language and Attraction pdf. Body language is defined as nonverbal, and mostly unconscious, communication through use of gestures, postures, facial expressions, and alike. To the trained eye, it can reveal the thoughts of any and everyone, as well as their current emotional condition.

Various studies have indicated that communication made between people in facetoface conversation, consists of a less than 35% verbal component, and an 85% non verbal component.

Table of contents Body Language and Attraction
  • Introduction
  • Ground Rules for Accurate Reading
  • What Do The Eyes Tell Us?
  • The Smile
  • What Hands Say About People
  • Arm Signals
  • Body Pointing
  • General Flirting and Attraction Gestures
  • Attraction Gestures – Men
  • Attraction Gestures – Women
  • Single?
  • Recap

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