1.0, ODBC, and MySQL How-to

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'Access' your data - 1.0's best kept secret 'Access' for Linux? The launch of 1.0 in 2002 removed at a stroke one major obstacle to the universal use of Linux on the desktop. At last, Linux users have office software - word processor, spreadsheet, graphics, and presentation - which not only works at least as well as the Microsoft Office equivalent, but can also use Microsoft Office file formats, and is genuinely open source.

However, this hasn't prevented objections from Microsoft diehards that they still can't migrate to Linux, because "Linux hasn't anything like Microsoft Access". Well, have I got news for you. It has, and it's called 1.0. One of the hidden secrets of 1.0 is that it also has a great user-friendly database front end. All you need to do is wire it up to one of the many open-source databases on Linux, and you have a Microsoft Access (and more) equivalent. This document explains how to make this connection, and then provides a quick tour of the database tools within 1.0. Many hardened 1.0 users are completely unaware of what is hiding under the covers, and are amazed once they start playing with the 'hidden' tools. Download free 1.0, ODBC, and MySQL How-to.pdf here

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