The Essential iPad Guide for Principals

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The way you use the iPad will determine whether it serves as a toy or as a powerful tool for managing your work as a leader. If you develop a reliable workflow, you can harness the power of dozens of your favorite apps to tap into your creativity, keep your information organized, and contribute to your effectiveness as a school leader.

If you just do discrete things in different apps, your important information will be dispersed among them, and may be hard to keep track of. For example, you don’t want to do great brainstorming in a whiteboard app but then forget to do anything with it. If you have 20 different apps holding your work, it’s easy to forget what you’ve done and where it is.

The key to managing your app workflow is to limit the number of places where actionable information resides. Most apps have a way to email a document either as plain text or as an attachment. Use this feature to send your work to your own email inbox so you can follow up later. For example, if you do some brainstorming in a whiteboard app, you can email an image of the whiteboard to yourself so you have it in your inbox for later processing. Download free The Essential iPad Guide for Principals.pdf here

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