Your Wedding Day Photography Timeline and Tips

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I know this is a bit long but there is some very important information in here and reading this all the way through greatly increases the chances of ending up with wedding photos that you will love no matter who your photographer is. This is a rundown of a typical wedding day from a photography standpoint. You will find descriptions and explanations as well as what’s typical and what other options there are. You will also find tips that will not only help you get everything you want covered, but inform you of things you can do to make it much easier for your photographer to get the shots you want. Remember this is a rundown for the most common wedding day happenings. There are many different types of weddings involving a huge range of traditions or sometimes none at all. Whatever special events you have planned, traditional or unique, this information is sure to be very helpful.

A note about how much time to book: When you’re making arrangements for the time your photographer arrives and departs there is a natural tendency to tell your photographer when the wedding will begin and end and to assume that is the length of time you want them to be there. You may think that if you have an 7 hour wedding, that's how long you need the photographer. However when locking down the amount of time you want to book, remember that even if you decide not to have the photographer there for any pre-ceremony shots, they will need at least a half hour prior to your ceremony to check the location and to discuss any last minute requests and get set up and in place for when you enter. Remember that your photographer’s time starts from when they arrive, not when the ceremony begins so be sure to book enough time to cover everything you want/need. If you are unsure as to how much time to book your photographer, don’t fret. The rest of the information you’ll find here will give you the framework you need to make the decision that’s right for you. Download free Your Wedding Day Photography Timeline and Tips.pdf here

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