Electronic Fuel Injection Nitrous System Installation Instructions

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Congratulations on the purchase of your Nitrous Express EFI system. You have chosen the finest nitrous system ever. Nitrous Express utilizes only the highest quality components designed for the use of liquid nitrous oxide. To properly utilize these specially designed components and obtain the trouble-free operation that this system is capable of producing, it is extremely important that you read all instructions carefully. Pay special attention to the important notes at the end of the installation steps and the tuning tips listed at the back of this instruction sheet.

All NX Stage 1 EFI systems are designed to operate with stock fuel pumps and no timing retards are required. If you have an aftermarket ECU chip that advances the stock timing, detonation could be a problem. These chips can still be retained if higher octane fuel or NX Power Booster (PN # 16000) fuel additive is used. On Dual Stage or EFI Race systems an aftermarket, high capacity fuel pump must be installed. Depending on your combination and level of nitrous boost, timing retard may also be required.

To insure proper system assembly and operation, carefully read the following installation procedures thoroughly before beginning. Use NX thread sealer on all pipe thread connections, DO NOT use any sealer on flare connections, hose, or bottle connections. Use no other sealing compounds or Teflon tape. All threads must be clean and dry, apply only enough sealer to wet the threads, too little is better than too much. Download free Electronic Fuel Injection Nitrous System Installation Instructions.pdf here

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