Basic Cylinder Head Porting

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Here's an interesting head porting fact: In many cases, the greatest performance gain per dollar spent comes upon application of basic porting procedures to a production cylinder head. These basics can be done by any do-it-yourselfer, even those with no porting experience, using the Deluxe Porting Kit and the Gasket Removal Kit (part nos. 260001 and 260005) from the Standard Abrasives Motorsports Division, along with a die grinder and some common hand tools.

There is a significant difference between basic head porting for a streethigh- performance or weekend racer application and the very complex cylinder head work you see in a Pro Stock drag race motor or a NASCAR NEXTEL Cup race engine. Doing full-on race heads requires the services of an experienced cylinder head professional, so Pro Stock, NEXTEL Cup and similar heads are best left to experts. Basic head porting, however, is easy that even beginning hot rodders can do it well. Download free Basic Cylinder Head Porting.pdf here

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