The Basic Guide to Winching Techniques

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Every winching situation has the potential for personal injury. In order to minimize that risk, it is important that you read this Basic Guide carefully, familiarize yourself with the operation of your winch before having to use it, and be constantly safety oriented. In this Guide,we will set forth many of the basic rules of safe winch operation. However, because every winching situation is different, your constant good judgment and consistent focus on safety are of great importance.

SO, YOU HAVE YOUR WARN WINCH and you’re ready to get out on the trails: climb a few boulders, splash a little mud, traverse the occasional stream. Basically, you’re ready to explore the backcountry and otherwise have a great time. Well, if you're smart enough to go prepared with the best, you’re probably smart enough to know that to keep having a great time, you need to fully understand your winch and the winching operation. That’s exactly what this guide intends to do: provide you with a basic understanding of your winch and teach you the basics of proper winching techniques. But before we get started,we must emphasize that the information in this guide is general in nature. Because no two situations are alike, it would be nearly impossible to review them all.We can, however, provide you with the general principles and techniques.Then it is up to you to take the time to analyze the situation and apply the proper technique. Download free The Basic Guide to Winching Techniques.pdf here

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