C++ by Dissection

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Today, the ANSI C++ programming language is widely used throughout the world in both academia and industry. In many educational institutions it is the language of choice for a first programming course and for a language to be used for computer science instruction. A key reason for this is that C++ has drifted down the curriculum from more advanced courses to more introductory courses. Further, C++ comes with many useful libraries, and is supported by sophisticated integrated environments. It is a language that efficiently supports object-oriented programming (OOP) the dominant contemporary programming methodology.

C++ by Dissection presents a thorough introduction to the programming process by carefully developing working programs to illuminate key features of the C++ programming language. Program code is explained in an easy-to-follow, careful manner throughout. The code has been tested on several platforms and is found on the bundled CDrom accompanying this text. The code in C++ By Dissection can be used with most C++ systems, including those found in operating systems such as MacOS, MS-DOS, OS/2, UNIX, and Windows.

C++, invented at Bell Labs by Bjarne Stroustrup in the mid-1980s, is a powerful, modern, successor language to C. C++ adds to C the concept of class, a mechanism for providing user-defined types, also called abstract data types. C++ supports object-oriented programming by these means and by providing inheritance and runtime type binding. Download free C++ by Dissection.pdf here

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