Writing Advanced Applications for the Java 2 Platform

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Writing Advanced Applications for the Java 2 Platform | As an experienced developer on the Java™ platform, you undoubtedly know how fast moving and comprehensive the platform is. Its many application programming interfaces (APIs) provide a wealth of functionality for all aspects of application and system-level programming. While there are many good books and online documents that detail all the parameters that an API has, finding a book that brings these APIs together and uses them to solve an advanced business problem has always been a challenge.

This book fills that void by presenting the design, development, test, deployment and debugging phases for an enterprise-worthy auction application. It is not purely a reference for the Java APIs, but a practical, hands-on guide to building successful projects with the Java platform. Like any good handbook on your car or house, it includes an entire section on what to do if things do not go so well. You will find sections that detail everything from what steps to take when troubleshooting bugs to tips on performance.

While the example application does not cover every possible programming scenario, it explores many common situations and leaves you with a solid base of knowledge so you can go on and use the Java platform to design, build, debug, and deploy your own solutions. Developing one application throughout the book is a tool to help you fast-track learning new features. For example, you gain a working knowledge of RMI in one section, and a following section on CORBA explains the similarities and differences between the two. Download free Writing Advanced Applications for the Java 2 Platform.pdf here

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