Firewalls For Dummies, 2nd Edition

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Welcome to Firewalls For Dummies, a book written to help the average Joe understand how firewalls work and how to configure a firewall. This book meets the needs of the person just finding out about computers, as well as the network administrator who needs to implement his or her first firewall.

But what is a firewall, you may ask? The quick-and-dirty definition is that a firewall is a boundary network device that resides between a private network and the Internet. The firewall is configured to inspect the network traffic that passes between the Internet and your network and only allows the network protocols that you desire to pass through the firewall. If a protocol isn’t included in the approved list, the firewall discards the packets of data and prevents them from entering the network.

Firewalls bring to mind visions of the computer geek at the office, sitting in a darkened closet with his router and handy toolkit, warding off hackers as they attack from the Internet. This book attempts to shed some light on the subject by breaking down the myths around the firewall so that you can understand what a firewall does and how it’s configured. This book explains firewalls in normal, everyday language so that you can learn about them. In addition, you can laugh along with us as we relate stories from the trenches where we have configured firewalls. After you read the book, you’ll have the confidence to configure your firewall to allow applications such as e-mail or Web servers to securely interact with the Internet. Download free Firewalls For Dummies, 2nd Edition.pdf here

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