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Download free Bluetooth Remote Control From Your Mobile Phone.pdf Flick through any electronics magazine – professional or hobbyist – and you will see a wide range of single board computers and microcontroller boards. For many applications, they make product development so much simpler than it used to be. Attach a few auxiliary components and a control panel, write the computer program, and you’re finished. What makes the process easier is that the computer board is programmable, so one off-the-shelf component can be applied to many tasks. Could this concept be taken even further? A few auxiliary components will always be needed in any product, but what about the control panel? Couldn’t an off-the-shelf programmable component be made to replace custom control panels on electronic devices?. FlexiPanel’s remote user interface module (Figure 1) does just this. Using Bluetooth radio, it asks a remote device – a mobile phone or handheld computer, perhaps – to create the required control panel on its behalf (Figure 2). The module has a Class 1 radio, so the remote device can be up to 100m away. The module operates at TTL levels, and a standalone RS232 device (Figure 3) will soon also be in production. A user may connect to the appliance at any time using any suitable device. The device will display the required control panel, but its appearance may vary according to the remote device used. For example, compare the same user interface on a mobile phone (Figure 17, Figure 19) and a handheld computer (Figure 18, Figure 20). On the handheld’s touch sensitive screen, large buttons are used. The phone, on the other hand, assigns “hot keys” to controls on the user interface display. The software on the remote devices is the same for each application and does not require customization or re-installation. It is freely downloadable from At the time of writing, Pocket PCs, Windows PCs, and Smartphones (e.g. SPV E200 from Orange) software are supported. Software for Palm Operating System and Java phones supporting the JABWT standard (e.g. Nokia 6600 and Sony Ericsson P900) is due for release in June 2004.


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