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Download free Creating a Facebook Page pdf. A Facebook Page is a distinct and customizable presence on Facebook that enables your brand or business to interact with users in new ways. A Page enables businesses to leverage the power of connections between users and turn consumers into brand advocates. User actions from the Facebook Pages are virally distributed through our technology-driven channels, News Feed and Mini-Feed. Your Facebook Page can be tailored with your own content, pre-installed applications and features such as flash player, photo uploader, ratings and more.

Facebook users choose to interact with your Page in many ways, including choosing to become a fan of the brand or business page, watch videos, review products, post photos, use applications, etc. Most of these actions generate News Feed stories for users’ friends, spreading relevant updates about your newest marketing campaigns throughout Facebook. Because our user profiles are authentic and their connections with other users are real, the power of recommending, discovering, or adopting new products and brand through your friends is amplified.

Businesses and brands have the opportunity to increase user engagement with their Page to help spur and spread user actions throughout Facebook. The more user interactions with a Page, the more social data businesses and brands can capture and leverage for Social Ads.

Users can find a Facebook Page in the searchable directory and through Social Ads. Social Ads are a form of promotion on Facebook and come in three forms - Sponsored Story, Sponsored Social Story or a Social Story, all appearing in News Feed. Social Stories are generated when a users’ friend takes action on a given Facebook Page. Facebook Pages that incorporate interesting content and interactive opportunities will maximize the opportunity for viral distribution of those actions through Social Ads.


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