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Download free building a Dynamic Loading Slide Show with music pdf. This tutorial involves creating a movie in which you will dynamically load images into a movie clip. The images will be stored in a folder called images and each image will be numbered sequentially: image1.jpg, image2.jpg, image3.jpg etc.. The number of images you can include is unlimited, only one image will be loaded at a time from the server which makes the movie very memory efficient. You will also add background music that loads dynamically. Before you begin you will need a series of images numbered sequentially: image1.jpg, image2.jpg photos all the same size and you will need to download an mp3 music track ( Spanish_guitar.mp3) feel free to find your own music track.

In summary – there are many variations one could add to the scripts above, the unique feature of this program is that you can dynamically load any number of slides and music files. This keeps the original .swf file very small. For this slide show to run you will need to keep the image files reasonable small (under 30 Kb) or the show will not run smoothly on slower modems. You also created a new Sound object which you turned on and off. You can extend the music by looping it in the background.


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