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Download free Man Health and Multiple Orgasm pdf ebook. Tiredness usually takes some hours after ejaculation, no matter how thrilling, full, or otherwise the sexual experience might be. In that early memory, some hours after masturbation I ran to catch a bus. London buses in those days had an open platform at the end that you could run and jump onto. As I ran to jump onto the platform I realized it was really difficult to move my limbs because I felt so tired. Subsequent experiences strengthened the connection in my mind between such episodes of tiredness and ejaculation.

Another factor adds to my viewpoint of such tiredness being physiological rather than psychological. I have always been a very active person physically and psychologically. I love exercise and being fit. Even in my middle sixties I still have a strong muscular body. But throughout my life I have suffered from lack of energy - tiredness. It has always seemed to me that my premature birth has something to do with that. I have no proof of this, but comparing myself with other people I feel as if my body wasn't quite fully formed, and my metabolism is never quite as efficient as it might be. But that is only a guess. What I have observed as a fact though, is that for most of my life I have had to manage my energy like a bank balance. I had to be careful of my expenditure because my balance is so low I easily tipped over into the red. My observation with other people is that they can expend enormous amounts of energy and not tip over into the red. They can stay up late, eat food that is real junk, drink alcohol and get drunk again and again, depleting the resources of their body to deal with the poison, have sex every night, and so on. If I do a portion of that my immune system crashes and I plunge into an infection. But I guess there are many people like myself who have to nurse their energy levels to live a normal life.

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