Audi Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC Table

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Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) table Important notes: Note: In the following, all possible malfunctions are listed in ascending order of DTC. These malfunctions can be recognized by the transmission control module -J217-. They are then displayed on the VAS5051 tester or VAG1551 scan tool when checking DTC memory content page 01-53 . Starting on the next page is a list of all the DTCs with all MIL conditions. The DTC is only printed out in the "Rapid data transfer"operating mode when the printer of the VAG1551 ST is switched on. Example: DTC 16987 P0603 If malfunctions only occur sometimes or if DTC memory was not erased after malfunction repair, these malfunctions are displayed as "sporadic malfunctions" for a pre-determined time period malfunction recognition of transmission control module, page 01-1 . If components are indicated as being faulty during the check of DTC memory, also test the wiring to the components for short circuit and open circuit according to wiring diagram Electrical Wiring Diagrams, Troubleshooting & Component Locations binder.

List of all DTCs with the MIL condition Notes: Dcy = Driving cycle, conditions for recognition of a Dcy page 01-7 . Meaning of the Malfunction indicator Lamp (MIL) page 01-5 . The "MIL" column in the DTC table indicates the condition of for which the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) would be switched on. If, for example, "2 Dcy" is indicated in the table, the MIL would light up after two driving cycles. If "Off" is indicated, the malfunction has no influence on the MIL.. If "On" is indicated, the MIL will light up immediately after the malfunction occurs. For "Hydraulic control" column: Which transmission is equipped with which hydraulic control can be found in Repair Manual: Download free Your Wedding Day Photography Timeline and Tips.pdf here

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