PHP−Nuke: Management and Programming

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This book is born as a "thank you" to all the users who visit spaghettibrain. There has always been the necessity to have a definitive guide on PHP−Nuke, possibly in Italian language. Due to time constraints, nobody has ever had the will to carry out this operation. PHP−Nuke is free software, released under the GNU License. It is a CMS (Content Managment System) that integrates in its inside all the instruments that are used to create a site/portal of information (meant in broad sense). Given the immense number of present functions in the installation and in an even greater quantity of modules developed from third parties, the system is also adept to the management of · Intranet business, · e−commerce systems, · corporate portals , · public agencies, · news agencies, · online companies, · information sites, · e−learning systems · and so on.

PHP−Nuke utilizes as hinge of its own structure the duo PHP+ MySQL, very often being accompanied by the Apache web server. Many modules have integrated many other languages, such as Javascript, Java, Flash and also even systems that serve, through the portal, sounds and films in streaming mode(Online Radio, TV Online, Images, Files...) PHP−Nuke is developed with a particular eye to the suggestions of the W3C, in its origin, the code is in fact W3C compliant and one has validated both the code and the style sheets. It is then up to the user who intends to create a portal to adhere to these standards during the modification of the graphics or the intrinsic characteristics of the system. Download free PHP−Nuke: Management and Programming.pdf here

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