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Download free Subaru STI Cylinder Heads Installation Instructions.pdf The installation of these parts on a vehicle intended for use on public streets or highways may violate laws and regulations relating to motor vehicle safety standards or emission regulations. Additionally, these parts are sold “as is,” without warranty of any kind whatsoever, express or implied, (including all warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose). The installation of these parts could also void vehicle warranty coverage.

Congratulations, you are the new proud owner of a set of Subaru STI Cylinder Heads. Your Cosworth “Big Valve” CNC Ported Cylinder Heads are brand new Subaru castings. They feature a 4-angle intake, and radiused exhaust valve job. They are pressure tested, deburred, ultrasonically cleaned, serialized, and assembled with the highest quality valve train components available. Many hours have been invested in engineering the port design and valve seat angles providing you the highest flowing and most complete Subaru Cylinder Head assemblies available. Your Cosworth “Big Valve” Subaru Cylinder Heads are capable of supporting over 1000hp.

It is recommended that these heads be set up and installed by a professional engine builder. Cosworth “Big Valve” CNC ported Cylinder Heads are intended for racing applications only and are not intended for use on street operated or emissions controlled vehicles.

Specific applications (STI) –Since these cylinder heads are Subaru factory castings, they are designed to be a direct bolt-on replacement for OEM stock cylinder heads. Therefore, the assembly procedures and torque specifications depicted in your Subaru factory service manual must be followed.

Cosworth Subaru ‘Big Valve” CNC Cylinder heads are recommended for 2.5L DOHC EJ25 STI engines with variable valve timing (VVT) only. Our cylinder heads are not compatible with a standard WRX (or non-VVT) type engine system. These heads use a different means of camshaft lubrication, and may not include provisions to run a single camshaft sensor type engine management. If your specific application calls for anything other than an STI configuration, your cylinder heads may need to be modified. Contact Cosworth if you have any questions or seek more information.

Please take a few minutes to inspect the Cylinder Heads for any sign of damage from shipping. Pay special attention to the flat, machined surfaces, especially the deck.


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