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Download free Canon EOS 20D Replacement of the Shutter Release Switch.pdf The shutter release switch on the Canon 20D digital SLR camera can fail completely or misbehave. In this article, we describe how to replace the switch. The required disassembly procedure is described in detail, with illustrations.

The shutter release button on a Canon 20D digital SLR camera is a two-stage snap switch. Misbehavior of this switch has been reported (and has been experienced here). Sometimes complete failure is experienced. More subtle types of misbehavior include:
  • The half-press contact closes early (starting AF and AE) during the stroke of the button before the switch has made its first snap. This is not usually a serious functional problem on its own, but may be a hint of other trouble (current or to come). (A clue to this is that the pertinent AF point indicator will flash before the first snap.)
  • When beginning to complete the switch stroke from half press to full press, the half-press contact opens briefly and recloses. This makes the camera think you have fully released the button and then started over, and so AF and AE are taken again. (A clue to this is that, when you go from half to full press, the pertinent AF point indicator will flash again.)
The suggestions in this article are presented for their possible value to camera owners. Anyone who undertakes the repair of a camera pursuant to my suggestions does so at his own sole discretion and risk, and the author cannot be responsible for any misfortune in such a project or any dissatisfaction with the result.


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