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Download free Patton VoIP Solutions Guide.pdf Patton’s SmartNode Telephony-over-IP gateways and routers offer a full range of solutions to address the challenges of integrating PSTN and IP networks and solve the critical migration issues associated with next-generation IP networks. Unique among VoIP solutions, Patton‘s SessionRouter™ software offers configurable callrouting policies to support any numbering plan and ease your migration to IP calling.

Table content of Patton VoIP Solutions Guide
  • Introduction
    The Case for Telephony-over-IP
    Understanding VoIP
    The Basics of ToIP
  • Enterprise Solutions
    Branch Office Connectivity
    The Voice Intranet
  • Carrier Solutions
    Competitive Carrier Solutions
    Convergence Carrier Solutions
  • Industrial Solutions
  • Product Line Overview
    Telephony-over-IP Products
    Modular VoIP Gateways / Modular VoIP Routers
    Analog VoIP Gateways / Analog VoIP Routers
    Digital VoIP Gateways / Digital VoIP Routers

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