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Download free Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning.pdf This Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning (HETL) has been designed as a resource for educators planning to incorporate technologies in their teaching and learning activities

HETL has been developed for a workshop delivered to Athabasca University faculty and reflects several years work with Peter at the Learning Technologies Centre at University of Manitoba.

Distance and online universities such as Athabasca, are well positioned to play a bridging role between tradition and emergence in transforming higher education. Universities that recognize the value of online learning and are able to “get the model right”1 will be well positioned to respond creatively to developing change pressures.

Higher education is in the midst of transformative (but exciting) change. Over the next decade, the practices of teaching and learning “will undergo fundamental change”2 as universities and colleges respond to global, social, political, technological, and learning research trends. A duality of change – conceptual and technological – faces higher education. Large-scale transitions, such as were evident in the democratic revolutions across Europe in the late 18th century (conceptual) and industrial revolution in the late 18th and early 19th century (technological), transform the large institutions of society: government, education, and religion.

Table content of
  • Introduction
  • Change Pressures and Trends
  • What we know about learning
  • Technology, Teaching, and Learning
  • Media and technology
  • Change cycles and future patterns
  • New Learners? New Educators? New Skills?
  • Tools
  • Research
  • Conclusion

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