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Download free How To Carve The Perfect Pumpkin.pdf Pumpkin Carving Workshops are returning to Mead Open Farm, the award winning farm attraction. Resident Pumpkin Carving Expert Sue Heast, outlines her step by step guide to create the perfect Halloween pumpkin.

Getting started choose the right pumpkin. The most important tip is to find a pumpkin that has a smooth surface, is symmetrical and has a thick stalk.

Make the lid. Start by making a hole in the top of the pumpkin that will form the lid. It is easier to cut a sixsided lid rather as a circle. Try and angle the knife at an angle, rather than a straight vertical cut.

Remove the inside pulp. Using a wooden spoon remove the inside seeds and pulp until the wall is about 3 cm thick.

Add the face. Draw your face on a piece of paper first. Once you are happy with it, attach the face pattern to the pumpkin with pins. Prick holes into the pumpkin with a toothpick or openedup paper clip, so when you remove the paper, you’ll be left with a dotted outline of the face.

Carve the face. With a knife, use a gentle but firm sawing action to follow the dotted line. Reattach any pumpkin bits that fall off with a toothpick.

Preserve. Make the pumpkin last a few days longer by rubbing the inside of the pumpkin with diluted bleach (1:5 ratio). Coating the carved edges with Vaseline will also help preserve its life.

Make the light. Cut a small chimney hole in the lid to let the smoke escape. And place your candle on a foil tray inside the pumpkin.


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