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Download free SAP NetWeaver AND Microsoft.NET Interoperability.pdf SAP understands how important it is for you to have reliable and flexible interoperability between SAP® solutions and solutions from other providers. Interoperability is essential to ensure you can extract the greatest possible value from your IT investments.

Almost every SAP customer relies on Microsoft platforms and applications in some way, which is why SAP has a longterm commitment to ensuring interoperability with Microsoft technologies. This interoperability stems from a decade-long relationship between SAP and Microsoft and a stated commitment by both companies to promote interoperability on an ongoing basis through a range of technical and nontechnical initiatives.

These initiatives include integration between the SAP NetWeaver™ and Microsoft .NET platforms; tools and technical support for SAP and Microsoft developers; a dedicated SAP-Microsoft technology support center; collaboration on the development of open standards; and collaboration on the development of advanced Web services standards that form the basis of emerging service-oriented architectures, such as the Enterprise Services Architecture blueprint.


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