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Download free Financial and Management Accounting With SAP for Banking.pdf Financial and management accounting applications within SAP for Banking can help banks improve financial reporting, reporting on organizational performance, and profitability analysis. They provide a consistent, reconciled, auditable set of books for statutory reporting, business consolidation, and management support – as well as a single source of data for regulatory compliance or portfolio and risk management. Such capabilities can mean faster completion of business and statutory accounts, improved transparency, and greater control over corporate finance functions.

Recent changes in accounting standards and compliance, along with greater emphasis on managing risk and value, have introduced new key measures of bank performance and made it more important to coordinate the internal and external reporting of financials and risk. To meet these challenges, banks must morefully integrate their accounting data and processes.

The SAP for Banking portfolio of solutions assists with this integration by supporting key financial accounting activities, key management accounting activities, and the creation of reports based on these activities. SAP for Banking can also help you integrate accounting activities with other analytical banking areas, such as risk management.


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