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Download free Securing Your Windows Laptop.pdf Now-a-days laptops are part of our life. We carry laptops almost everywhere for our work, connect it to different networks and store our sensitive information on it. But we hardly care about the security of our laptop and that opens the door for an intruder to attack or steal sensitive data from it. An insecure laptop is susceptible to the following security risks:
  • An attack to the laptop due to known vulnerabilities of Windows
  • A Virus/Worm hit can paralyze your laptop
  • Spywares installed on the laptop can steal your sensitive information
  • An attacker can try network based attack to hack into your laptop
  • Anybody can view/delete/modify your important files
  • Malicious scripts embedded in the web pages can damage the laptop
  • Easy to compromise the laptop due to insecure OS settings
  • Attacker can use brute force/dictionary attack to break your weak password
  • Insecure share in your laptop can be used to implant virus/worm/trojans
  • An attacker can sniff your sensitive information from an insecure WLAN
  • Laptop can be stolen

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