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Download free How To Hypnotize Yourself pdf. I am going to tell you how to formally hypnotize yourself. I say “formally” because you already know self hypnosis from birth. Hypnosis is a natural state. In fact, it is so natural that we pass in and out of hypnosis throughout the day. If you don’t understand the nature of hypnosis you may see it as a mysterious, sometimes even scary state that is outside of yourself and can rob you of control. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality hypnosis is perfectly natural. It is a concentrated state of mind that allows you to focus upon that which you wish to do or learn. For example, you are in a state of hypnosis when you are driving, reading, listening to music, praying or watching television. If it were not for your ability to hypnotize yourself you would not be able to function. Many things you take for granted would be impossible such as sleep, memorization, and learning. Hypnosis is a wonderful and natural part of your everyday life.

The fact that hypnosis is so natural makes it so easy to apply at will and so easy to think you haven’t hypnotized yourself. You already know self hypnosis. You can be in the concentrated state of hypnosis and multi task. For example you can exercise, listen to music, and think at the same time. Your mind is working twenty four hours a day. In a way your mind has a mind of its own. It simply is on automatic drive, often going wherever you have conditioned it to go. When you are in a formal state of hypnosis your mind continues to be on automatic drive, attempting to create and solve problems. Expect your mind to continue on its own while you enroll another part of your mind to concentrate in a direction you consciously will.


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