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Time management is essential.

You must distribute your study time; you cannot cram and retain information. The best way toremember is to learn the material well to begin with, gradually over time.

Reinforce learning through immediate and frequent repetition, especially in a variety of modes (visual, auditory, oral).
Some people like to write down key concepts on index cards and review them in many brief
sessions during the day, e.g. while commuting, waiting in line, before dinner. Many short sessions are more effective than a few long ones. Spend more time reciting (active) than reading (passive).

Break down large tasks into smaller units.
You can’t swallow too much at once and expect to retain all of it. Psychologists have discovered “primacy” and “recency” effects: we remember the first and last things but not that much in between. Shorter tasks take advantage of these effects optimally.

Think about meaning, don’t just try to memorize by rote.
Meaning improves memory. Think about why the material is important and how it fits into what you have previously learned. (Draw inferences, make connections, give examples, create analogies).

Test yourself actively, asking questions and answering them.
This can be especially effective if you work with a study partner. This is better than a passive
method where you just read over the material.


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