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Download free Computer Analysis & Reinforced Concrete Design of Beams pdf. This project deals with the creation of a computer application that analyzes and designs structural beams. The project also aims at emphasizing the importance of computers in the solution of everyday engineering problems.

The program developed analyses one, two and three-span beams and includes a module for the design of reinforced concrete beams. This program was created using the relatively new Actionscript language.

The project also discusses various theoretical analysis techniques that can be implemented in developing a computer program. The main theoretical methods used in this project are Moment Distribution and Macaulay’s Method. The Reinforced concrete design is based on the BS8110 code.

This report acts as a support document for the created software. It describes the program in detail and highlights the methodologies used in its development.

Table contents of Computer Analysis & Reinforced Concrete Design of Beams
  • Introduction
    Computer Application in the Civil & Structural Engineering Industry ~ Structural Analysis & Design Software ~ Scope & Aims of Project ~ Project Overview
  • Literature Review
    Programming Language Review ~ Basic Elements of Actionscript ~ Analytical Theories Review ~ Macaulay’s Method ~ Moment Area Method ~ Conjugate Beam Method ~ Virtual Work Method ~ The Unit Load Method ~ Influence Line Theory ~ The Three Moment Equation (Clapeyron’s Theorem) ~ Stiffness & Flexibility Methods ~ Slope Deflection Method ~ Moment Distribution Method~Reinforced Concrete Beam Design Review ~ Composite Action ~ Limit State Design ~ Bending & the Equivalent Stress Block ~ Rectangular Section with Compression Reinforcement at the Ultimate Limit state
  • Program Review & Application
    Single Span Beams ~ Two Span Beam Analysis ~ Three Span Beam Analysis ~ Reinforced Concrete Beam Design
  • Discussion
    Single Span Beam Analysis ~ Two & Three Span Load Swap Modules ~ Two Span Beam Analysis ~ Three Span Beam Analysis ~ Reinforced Concrete Beam Design Module ~ Program Limitations ~ General Program Discussions
  • Conclusion & Recommendations
    Conclusion ~ Recommendations
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Appendices
    Appendix A: Code Printouts for the Main Program ~ Appendix B: Code Printouts for the Profile Plotting Module

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