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Download free Toshiba PCX2600 Owners Manual pdf. Your new Toshiba DOCSIS Cable Modem will provide you with high-speed access to the Internet through your cable TV (CATV) network- accesses at a fraction of the time it takes traditional telephone modems. In addition, your service will be always connected. Those two features give you the information you want, when you want it … and your telephone line is kept free.

Table content Toshiba PCX2600 Owners Manual
  • Contact Information
  • Important Rules for Safe Operation
    Installation ~ USE and Maintenance ~ Service
  • Overview
    How does a cable modem work? ~ How does a cable modem connect to a computer? ~ What is DOCSIS?
  • Getting Started
    Contacting your Cable Provider ~ Package Contents for the PCX2600 ~ Front side LEDs and Rear side Connectors ~ Installing the USB Drivers ~ LED Diagnostics
  • How to Use the Stand
  • Specifications
  • Q & A
  • Regulatory
  • Glossary
  • Installing the PCX2600

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